Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Q&A! What is up with Plaxico Burress?

First off, thanks to the several quick responses from newfound readers!

There was a bit of a dilemma in choosing one to blog about, but here it is:

'What is up with Plaxico Burress?'

Oh Plax... this was a question that I found both humorous and real. As a Pittsburgh native, and Steeler fan, this is a subject I was actually somewhat prepared for. Plaxico, for those not a football fan, played for the Pittsburgh Steelers a few years back, and then was sent to the NY Giants. Let's just say that I actually lived newar Plax back when he live around Pittsburgh... and you could tell he was nothing but trouble. His house was always trashed. Numerous noise complaints, which could probably be pinpointed to his daily 4-wheel excursions THROUGH his house, and let's add a non-stop paintball fiesta to that.

Pittsburgh loved to hate Burress, but hated to love him as well. He was a great receiver... at times (he did win a super bowl... and in samilar fashion as the Steelers did, but that's another blog). However, what made the city say enoughs enoughs? His lame-brain antics, being a cry-baby, and not being a smart football player. Now I know it's hard for Burress to have done this around the likes of Hines Ward, but he just never could mature.

SO, now we can really get to the question. A few days back, Plaxico Burress was in a nightclub, and for some undisclosed reason, he was shot in the leg... with his own gun. This brought up two big questions: 1.) What was he doing with a gun? and 2.) How did he shoot himself in the leg?

Let's briefly get to the bottom of these:
1.) He had a gun... for, well, to have one? Honestly, I am sure he has a reason, but I would say that he has more friends than enemies. That, and he's a bit braindead.

2.) There are a TON of theories. I wouldn't even believe Plaxico's story to this... but my two cents? He had the safety off, and maybe went for his cell phone... or was doing a hungover superbowl shuffle.

You take your pick. Only thing that gets to me is this: People like Burress are millionaires, talented, and famous. So why can't all these dimwits do something useful, like start bailing out our economy? I am not going to solely blaim anyone in particular, but it seems that athletes, within this past decade, have made news on criminal charges about 99% of the time. So who should we say, let's change this negative media crap that is polluting our airwaves? That's right, THE MEDIA! Honestly, I woke up to Plax's news on CBS, so I chuckled and changed the channel to another news... which had Plax again. So then I turned on CNN... PLAX. ESPN... PLAX!! (...well I guess that's OK)

Luckily, nickleodeon isn't worried about a football star. So, I found myself reliving my childhood the other morning, in silence from crappy news. I think we all should do that everyday... just pry yourself from the news, and watch some Squarepants. Cartoons are more real than the crap news stations are pumping into our systems nowadays.

So what happened to Plax? He shot himself in the leg. He's not going to play for the Giants anymore. He grew up (hopefully).

Great question, and keep them coming!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hello to all!

I decided to launch this blog... for I have been eager to become that "helper/Q&A" guy.
I am a freelance writer for eHow, and developed a knack for the How To, Abouts, How Does, etc.
Feeling that I am rather comfortable from explaining how to make a stiletto knife to what are some modem philosophers of our time.

If you ever have a question, send me an email, comment, message, etc.

I'll make my best attempt to get to you personally, and I'll take a couple of the Q&As that are really interested, and will share them onto this blog. Maybe I'll even get them onto a vlog post :)

Anyways, look forward to answering your questions!